5. december 2023

Get certified in your gender knowledge – register before 15th of December

Gender Certificate:

Gender Certificate is an offer for those who want to document their knowledge about gender and body research. Each semester, UCPH offers a number of courses that qualify for the Gender Certificate. Maybe you have already taken one of them? Or perhaps you have written an assignment that focuses on a gender and/or body perspective?

Cross-faculty offer to all students at UCPH

Gender Certificate is a cross-faculty educational initiative at the University of Copenhagen. The Gender Certificate is available for all students enrolled at the University. A Gender Certificate documents the student's knowledge of gender and body research as fields of research and investigation, as well as the student’s ability to work with gender and body related issues in a scientific setting. The student then receives a certificate as an evidence of specialization.
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Make your own course package

In order to be certified, you must have taken courses within the subject area corresponding to a minimum of 30 ECTS during your studies at the University of Copenhagen. You can freely combine existing courses and put together your own individual course package within the framework of your curriculum.

Exemptions and special qualifications

If you have written relevant assignments or done your bachelor project within the subject, they may supplement or provide exemption of up to 15 ECTS. The 30 ECTS can also be supplemented by a master's thesis or an internship within the subject area.

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15 December is the next deadline for submitting documentation for a Gender Certificate. You can register here