19. oktober 2020

Expanding the Boundaries of Smart Mobility

The TInngo Multistakeholders’ Forum is taking place on 22nd October 2020, being the digital fora where new perspectives to approach gendered inequalities in the transport sector will be discussed with different stakeholders.

It offers a view of gender in smart transport that connects the TInnGO project with wider discourses of smart cities and notions of automated, green transport, smart biking and walking. At the Forum scientific evidence will be presented and discussed on how inequalities are created and will address gendered practices of education, employment, technological innovations and entrepreneurship as arenas for change and inclusion of gendered innovations.

It will present the core concepts and approaches to gender and transport, such as sex-gender analysis, gender mainstreaming and inclusive language. During TInnGO Multistakeholders’ Forum, an approach to monitor Gender Smart Mobility will be presented and discussed with stakeholders, considering the TInnGO observatory and 10 national hubs in 13 European countries.

The way forward to open a policy window for Gender Smart Mobility in the provision of proximity between stakeholders at both regional and European levels and to contribute with new knowledge in the design and implementation of sustainable future strategies of transport and future European policies.

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