Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network

The aim of the Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network is to develop trans-national, cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary perspectives on studies of women and gender. The main focus is on China and the Nordic countries.

The primary network activity is to convene a series of Sino-Nordic Women & Gender Studies Conferences, that have been held every third year since 2002. The conferences bring together academics and students, as well as activists and practitioners, from China and the Nordic countries to engage in cross-cultural comparisons and discussions on the specific theme of each conference. The conferences aim to include both theoretical and policy relevant research.

Network. Photo: Colourbox

An additional network activity is to convene PhD courses in connection with the conferences. Three PhD courses have been held in 2009, 2012 and 2015 at the Nordic Centre Fudan. The series of Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network was established in 2002 in collaboration between the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and the Nordic Centre Fudan.

In 2015 the Network became associated to the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies.




Book cover

Journalism and Communication(新闻与传播研究). 2014. Special Issue: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Forum "The Fifth Sino-Nordic Women & Gender Studies Conferences". Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press.




book cover

Zhao Jie and Wen Yichun with Cecilia Milwertz, Merete Lie and Birte Siim (eds). 2012. Quanqiuhua yu bentuhua beijing xia de xingbie pingdeng cujin (全球化与本土化背景下的性别平等促进 The Promotion of Gender Equality in the Context of Globalization and Localization). Kunming: Yunnan renmin chubanshe (Yunnan People’s Publishing House).



book coverPauline Stoltz, Marina Svensson, Zhongxin Sun and Qi Wang (eds). 2010. Gender Equality, Citizenship and Human Rights – Controversies and challenges in China and the Nordic Countries. London and New York: Routledge




We are proud to have been featured in several media outlets as part of our work on connecting Chinese and Nordic gender studies communities.

Below is an overview of the media coverage of network conferences.

“性别与传播”国际研讨会聚焦媒介性别议题报道 - 中国网
(Report on International Conference "Gender and Communication" - A Focus on Gender and Media,ChinaNews)

“性别与传播”国际研讨会聚焦媒介性别议题报道 - 中国发展门户网 
(Report on International Conference "Gender and Communication" - A Focus on Gender and Media, ChinaGate) 

 平等与公正视角下的性别与传播 - 中国妇女报
(Gender and Communication - from the Perspectives of Social Justice and Equality, China Women's News)

(Media report on the 2nd Sino-Nordic women and gender studies conference, 2005)





Network Coordinators

Dušica Ristivojević, Kone Foundation Bold Initiatives Researcher, Department of Cultures, Gender Studies Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland

Marie Ahlberg Andersen, Academic Officer, Coordination of Gender Research, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark