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About the Coordination for Gender Research

The Coordinination for Gender Research - is a dynamic interdisciplinary entity at UCPH

The Co-ordination for Gender Research has since 2010 been through an expanding and dynamic development, which also has effected the profile of UCPH. The interdisciplinary aspects of the activities by the Co-ordination for Gender Research is validated by a steering committee representing all faculties at UCPH. 

Below is a selected list of the Co-ordination for Gender Research’s action plan 2015-2020  presented: 

Gender Certificate

is an important piece of the interdisciplinarity of the Coordination for Gender Research. It is a opportunity of specialization at UCPH.
Gender Certificate consists of the courses related to gender, body and sexuality offered across the faculties. Furthermore is Gender Certificate offering Masterclasses, which is a part of UCPH’s 2016 initiative; interdisciplinary education.  

Strategic Collaboration and Internationalization

The Coordination for Gender Research contributes to the aim of UCPH to commit to strategic collaboration with national and international collaborators. This is via mobilizing professors, PhD students and guest lectures to educational collaboration at the big universities in China, such as Peking University, Fudan University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Gender Dimension in Horizon 2020

The Coordination for Gender Research helps to promote UCPH’s profile in Horizon 2020, as gender equality and a gender dimension are important parameters for the research quality. 

The Coordination for Gender Research will forward on be contributing to lift the succes rate in Horizon 2020 by offering skills and knowledge on these aspects for the professors and different projects at UCPH.

Publicity and Communication

The Coordination for Gender Research are hosting the academic journal Women, Gender and Research, which is a central publication within Danish gender research. The journal has approximately 400 readers and is published both online and in print. Women, Gender and Research is currently becoming more international by publishing in english and therefore contributes to promote danish gender research in a international context.

Besides the journal, is a monthly news letter on gender relevant topics and events emailed to both students and researchers.

We also have a Facebook page