Upcoming and previous conferences organised by the Coordination for Gender Research.

Previous conferences:

Gender and Body Dynamics in the 21st Century

The diploma lecture series Gender and Body Dynamics in the 21st Century provides an opportunity for students to learn about recent developments in different theories on gender and body. The lectures contains different interdisciplinary approaches such as politics, law and media as well as sexuality, identities and animal studies.

Feminist Materialisms

The Coordination for Gender Studies international conference in April 2012. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss new feminist materialisms and related theories, methodologies and case studies. The material turn opens a whole new way of analyzing materiality, yet also requires development of new methodological and scientific tools and new approaches and themes.

Seminar March 2011

The Coordination for Gender Research arranged a one day seminar in March 2011 on gender, crisis and creativity. The day consisted of discussions and workshops on strategies and visions for Danish Gender Research in the 21st Century. 

Theme Day November 2010

The steering group of the Coordination for Gender Research arranged a theme day in November 2010 on gender, body and competencies. More than 100 students and researchers met up on the day to discuss ways to strengthen the existing gender research and teaching at the University of Copenhagen. The aim of the day was to produce a catalogue of ideas to put more focus on gender issues in the education. 

Gendering Climate and Sustainability

13 and 14 March 2009 in Copenhagen. The aim of the conference was to focus on cutting edge questions of climate and sustainability from a gender perspective as well as contributing to the making of new and more inclusive visions of sustainability in accordance with definitions and strategies set out by the EU and other international foras aiming at “a better quality of life for everyone”.

Gender and Religion in Global Perspectives

The conference aimed at bridging gender and religious studies and at transforming scholarship and reflection in both current and historical perspectives. The goal was to enhance the exchange between scholars of different disciplines and to create a space for exchange across research specialisations.