Publications in English from the Coordination for Gender Research


FEMCIT explores the relationship between the changing forms and practices of gendered citizenship in a multicultural Europe and the demands and practices of contemporary women's movements. We are studying how citizenship is gendered, and how women, as ordinary citizens and activists, have been involved in challenging inequalities and injustice across Europe. The Co-ordination for Gender Research contributed with the report Mainstreaming Gender, Diversity and Citizenship: Concepts and Methodologies.

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Gender in Research - Research in Gender

This publication presents the broad scope and diversity of gender research in Denmark; covering more than 30 research topics from labour and employment to welfare state and health over ethnicity, migration, globalisation to cyberspace, film and media, literature, the Middle Ages, masculinities and so forth.
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TRANSGEN is a Special Support Action intended to work up the knowledge base for future research and interventions in the European Seventh Framework Programme by linking gender mainstreaming and the thematic area of transport.
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