Workshop on the gender and diversity dimensions in research projects - Sharpen your project idea


Research foundations are increasingly prioritising the inclusion of gender and diversity perspectives in their calls and as part of their funding criteria.

In Horizon Europe gender-equality is a cross-cutting priority and provisions to meet the priority are strengthened. Having a Gender Equality Plan for the organisation is now an eligibility criterion and integrating gender into research and innovation content is a requirement and a part of the excellence evaluation criterion – see Gender equality in research and innovation (

The inclusion of gender and diversity in research projects involve more than ensuring equal participation in project implementation and activities. Acknowledgment alone is not sufficient to persuade evaluators. To successfully include the gender requirements in a project idea means to consider how gender may affect various aspects of the research activities, as well as the diverse needs of end-users and the potential impact the research will have on them. This must be considered throughout the project from planning to outreach and dissemination.

To help applicants develop the gender and diversity dimensions, this workshop offers information, inspiration, and hands-on guidance on how to work with these issues. We will go through the requirements from Horizon Europe and participants will get the opportunity to work on their proposals/projects, with assistance from experts on gender and diversity perspectives.

1-2 hours of preparation are expected of participants before the workshop. Participants will prepare a short abstract (1/2 page) of a proposal idea and write down their reflections on a number of questions. We will send you guidelines and questions to reflect upon two weeks before the workshop.


In this workshop you will get:

  • Definitions of gender and diversity
  • Knowledge of the relevance of working with gender and diversity
  • Hands-on approaches on where and how to integrate gender and diversity dimensions in your own research application / project
  • Examples of how to include gender and diversity in research applications and projects
  • Horizon EU requirements of integrating gender and diversity into research and innovation content


The workshop is open to researchers at all levels (Phd students, postdocs, assistant/associate professors, professors) who are applying or planning to apply Horizon EU for funding or want to strengthen the gender and diversity dimension in their research applications and projects.

Researchers can join alone, with a project team or with a research support officer.