Gender Lunch Talks: Gender, War and Peace

The Gender Lunch Talks turns its gaze to the potency of the military (as a social institution) and the force of war through the eyes of gender studies and feminist theory. 

This theme of war, military and peace simultaneously builds on, as well as challenges, traditional perceptions of and approaches to studying gendered dynamics of military life and war.

Talk by

Kathrine Bjerg Bennike, ph.d.:  “We Don’t See Gender, Only Soldiers!” - Negotiating Military Identities in Narratives on Gender, Peace, and Security”

Kathrine Bjerg Bennike holds a PhD from Aalborg University within the field of gender and military identities. Kathrine has a MS in Development and International Relations from Aalborg University. She has been a visiting PhD fellow at the Colleges of the Fenway, Boston, USA. From 2016-2020, Kathrine was an editor for the Danish journal Women, Gender, and Research. With a background in the fields of Feminist IR and Critical Military Studies, Kathrine’s research interests mainly centers on gender, the armed forces, military masculinities, intersectionality, conflict, and peacekeeping/peacebuilding issues. Currently, Kathrine works as an academic employee at Aalborg University Library.

About Gender Lunch Talk

Gender Lunch Talks at the University of Copenhagen will this spring semester put focus on gendered aspects of war, military and peace. an array of researchers will look into the complexities, conceptualizations, and lived realities of the theme.

The Gender Lunch Talks is an online event with a Zoom link sent to the participants. Though this semester we will sum up the theme with a panel on the 28th of June.

It is free to participate, but registration is required for each event.