Gender in Research - Research in Gender 

This publication presents the broad scope and diversity of gender research in Denmark; covering more than 30 research topics from labour and employment to welfare state and health over ethnicity, migration, globalisation to cyberspace, film and media, literature, the Middle Ages, masculinities and so forth.

The publication links to an online database of Danish scholars, that contains research profiles of more than 250 scholars in the field. Some holds gender as a core element in their research while others have gender as one perspective among several others. Moreover, the publication presents a wide selection of current research projects and networks headed by Danish scholars.

The publication demonstrates the international orientation of gender research in Denmark, both in terms of methodology and thematic focuses as well as in terms of international networking and projects. The inherent innovation of the field of gender research is also brought to light.

Gender research adds to the complexity of existing research while simultaneously acting as a laboratory for future research organisation and knowledge production. In this way, gender research contributes to change both in the academic world and in society.

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