The New China: Gender, Class and Everyday life

This seminar focuses on significant intersections of gender, class and new forms of life in the 21st century China.

The seminar will from different angles shed light on new social
forms and identities in the context of globalization, neoliberal
reforms and ways of life in present day China . Fresh research with
both well - established and new research topics in the field of family, welfare and equality as well as emerging themes related to the gendering of corruption, consumerism and sustainabilit y will be presented.

What binds the topics together is the underlying at tempt at a genuine inclusion of gender dynamics in the modernization projects currently underway in China.

The seminar is open for all with an interest in China today: Students, faculty members, Privat and public corporations, NGO’s a s well as the general public


9.30: Registration and coffee
9.45: Welcome.
Dr. Chungron, Liu, Vice-director, Fudan European Centre for China Studies,
Dr. Janus Hansen, Director Department of Sociology.

Session I: Family Practices and subjectivities:
Chair and moderator: Dr. Peter Abrahamsson, University of Copenhagen

10-10.45: The Hot-Super Mother : Motherhood in an individualization era of urban China
Prof. Yi fei Shen, Fudan University
10. 50 – 11.20: Practicing Motherhood in Urban China.
Ph.D. - fellow Michala Breengaard, University of Copenhagen/ Sino Danish Cent re, Beijing.
11.20-11.50: Leftover Women – discourses and challenges.
Ph.d. Fellow: Cancan Wang, Copenhagen Business School.

12.15-13.00: Sandwich lunch

Session II : Mobility, Sustainability, Consumerism– Middle class and beyond:
Chair and moderator: D r. Bettina Hauge. DTU, Technical University of Denmark.

13.30- 14.00 Death and my Ipad
Dr.Cecilia Milwer tz:University of Copenhagen
14.00-14.30: Middle Class Homes and new Regimes of Living
Dr. Hilda Rømer Chri s tensen: University of Copenhagen
13.-13.30: Gendering Low Carbon Life among retirees in Urban China.
Dr. Nicolai Vendelbo Blichfeldt

14.30-15.00 Coffee

Session III 15. – 16.30: Corruption and New Orders:
Chair and moderator: D r. Hilda Rømer Christensen

15.00- 15.30: Women and Corruption in the new China
Qi Wang, University of Southern Denmark
15.30-16.00: Reconstituting Order after Neo Liberalism.
Hanne Petersen, University of Copenhagen
16 – 16.15: Closing remarks
16.15-17.00: Book launch and mingling

The seminar is a launching event fo r ”Gender Dynamics. Chinese -Nordic Perspectives”. Women, Gender and Researc h, Vol. 1, 2015 .

It is organized by The Co-ordination for Gender Research in co-operation
with the Department o f Sociology, University of Copenhagen