Workshop 1: Gendering Smart Mobilities – Københavns Universitet

Workshop 1: Gendering Smart Mobilities

Oslo, 24th - 25th of August, 2017

The aim of this workshop is to explore the cultural, societal and institutional consequences of the shift towards shared mobility and increasing e-mobility. For example, the implementation of shared mobility systems, driverless cars etc. might challenge the traditional imaginary of the active “male” driver, as both autonomy and agency are shifted from the driver to the car. The workshop will critically consider the logics of a technological fix, which leaves important social and cultural issues unattended. Through exploring the dimensions of technological transitions, human-machine interfaces, conceptualization of technology, new business models etc. the workshop is intended to rethink the concept of mobility in the Nordic regions.E-mobility is currently a Norwegian stronghold linked to sub-set of “shift in mobilities”. The focus of attention will be how gender might interfaces with the shift between these the “systems” and “regimes” of automobility and how such models can fertilize Nordic models and co-operations. Stakeholders from the Oslo area will be invited to present recent innovations incentives and ambitions.

Keynote speakers: 

Dr Tim Schwanen
Director of the Transport Studies Unit
Associate Professor in Transport Studies
Fellow of St Anne's College  
School of Geography and the Environment
University of Oxford

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Lenz
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Transport Research
Head of Institute           

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