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19. februar 2014

YDUN-midler opslås til kvindelige forskere

Overordnet information på engelsk nedenfor. Læs mere om muligheder, krav og deadlines på hjemmesiden for Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet. 


DFF-YDUN (Younger women Devoted to a UNiversity career) is carried out in order to strengthen the utilization of talent in Danish research by promoting a more balanced gender composition of the research environments in Denmark. The program is open to all disciplines as both men and women can apply for the program. However, through a given exemption from the gender equality consolidation act, in case of equal qualifications between a male and female applicant, the application from the female applicant will be prioritized.

DFF-YDUN is offered only once and the total economic scope of the program is DKK 110 million.

Applicant requirements

The applicant must be a recognized researcher, i.e. to apply the applicant must for several years have been doing research on a scientific level and also be rated as qualified by an expert committee in connection with an application for an associate professorship at a university, a senior position in a government research institution, a hospital or a position at a similar level at a foreign research institution. It is presupposed that a person who is not in possession of such academic assessment will be considered classified as a recognized researcher if he/she has an overall academic activity and production at a similar level1. DFF-YDUN can not be applied for by professors, professors with special responsibilities or clinical professors.

The application

Grants under the DFF-YDUN program are awarded for a duration of up to 4 years with a budget of up to DKK 4,500,000 excl. overhead.

What characterises a DFF-YDUN Research Project is a clear and well defined problem statement, where the research activities must be at a high international level. The research activities must have the potential to achieve a synergy between sub-projects and involve an international level of collaboration (if relevant).