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06. juni 2017

Gendering Smart Mobility in the Nordic Region

Workshop the 24th - 25th of August 2017, in Oslo

Gendering Smart Mobilities in the Nordic Region is workshop series of three workshops. Organised by the Coordination for Gender Research

Genderequality and sustainable development are two longstanding and central priorities in the Nordic-cooperation. The project, Gendering smart Mobilities in the Nordic Region, taps into the challenges and aims at strengthening and proliferating Nordic Co-operation and models,and to contribute to a paradigmshift in overall transport planning and practices. Departing from the prevailing idea of smart, green and integrated transport the overall objective of this project is to contribute to a new Nordic model in transport, mobility and gender equality.

The first workshop in Oslo will critically consider the logics of a technological fix, which leaves important social and cultural issues unattended. The aim of this workshop is to explore the cultural, societal and institutional consequences of the shift towards shared mobility and increasing e-mobility. For example, the implementation of shared mobility systems, driverless cars etc. might challenge the traditional imaginary of the active “male” driver, as both autonomy and agency are shifted from the driver to the car.