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23. september 2013

CfP: Voices in Nordic Gender Research

Celebrating over two decades of Gender Research and of the joint Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, NORA, the journal invites gender- and feminists researchers to participate in the first Nordic Conference for Gender Research. The conference is held November 5th-7th 2014, at Roskilde University. The venue highlights a proud tradition within Nordic feminist research: the effort to engage in cross-disciplinary, experimental activities and move beyond traditional academic expression in the pursuit of



and subversive

ways to speak

and to know


The conference program comprises a broad span of Keynotes by Nordic Gender researchers and gender-experimental artists.

Call for papers and symposia: the widest conceivable variety of themes and subjects are invited in papers and symposia.

Please feel free to suggest other forms of presenting your work.

Deadlines for abstracts will be posted later.