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08. april 2014

Call for Papers: Gender and Higher Education in Europe

Gender and Higher Education in Europe: Assessing the Past, Re-examining the Present and Shaping the Future
22nd - 24th of May, 2014
Lund University

Education researchers agree that institutions of higher education are undergoing major transformation in mission, administrative strategies, and governance. The advent of the “knowledge society” has further catapulted universities into competition for research funds and prestige. The new circumstances augur good times for science and technology, but lean times for the social sciences and the humanities. At the same time gender distribution and advancement opportunities in higher education remain a problem. 

The purpose of this conference is to illuminate the following

  • How is the incorporation of women into the academy taking place in terms oftheir professional access to positions of responsibility and contributions toknowledge production?How can intersectional analyses contribute to our understanding of these processes?
  • How can barriers to the creation of greater equality and diversity in the academy be counteracted?
  • How is the gendered structure of the university as an organization subverting women’s efforts to effect intellectual and institutional change?
  • What strategies appear to be effective to advance women’s institutional positions? And what strategies or actions appear to be ineffective?