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10. januar 2014

Europa-Kommissionen søger eksperter på kønsområdet

Europa-Kommissionen søger eksperter på kønsområdet, til opgaver i forbindelse med evalueringer af forskningsansøgninger indenfor Horizon2020. 

Hent Europa-Kommissionens Call for Experts (PDF), og læs mere på deltagerportal-siden.

The European Commission has launched a call for gender experts for Horizon 2020, its next funding framework. Experts are needed to “evaluate proposals for EU funding and for other activities such as monitoring, programme evaluation, and policy development.”

1. If you are a new expert, please register here.

2. If you are a registered expert for The Seventh Framework Program (FP7), you need to click here logging-in and update your field(s) of expertise (see categories below).

The European Commission gender categories:

Gender research
      In language and literature
      In philosophy, ethics and religion
      In arts
Gender in archaeology
Gender in history
Gender history
Gender in media and communications
Gender in transport planning
Gender in urban planning and development
Gender in cultural and economic geography
Gender in environmental sciences
Gender in political sciences
Gender in law, criminology and penology
Social topics
Women’s and gender studies
Women and gender studies
Gender in social sciences
Kinship, cultural dimensions of classification and cognition, identity, gender
Gender in education
Gender in business and management
Gender in psychology
Gender in health sciences
Gender in medical biotechnology
Gender in basic medicine
Gender in space medicine
Gender in clinical medicine
Gender in security
Gender in space
Gender in aeronautics
Gender in engineering and technology
Gender in nanotechnologies
Gender in industrial biotechnologies
Gender in environmental biotechnologies
Gender in medical engineering
Gender in vehicle engineering
Gender in computer hardware and architecture
Gender in transport engineering
Gender in natural sciences
Gender in biology
Gender in biodiversity conservation
Gender in ecology
Gender in developmental biology
Gender in Reproductive biology
Gender in genetics and heredity
Gender in biophysics
Gender in biochemistry and molecular biology
Gender in microbiology
Gender in water resources
Gender in oceanography
Gender in climatic research
Gender in environmental sciences
Gender in geosciences
Gender in organic chemistry
Gender in computer sciences
Innovation and diversity (e.g. gender)