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27. september 2016

Call for Papers: Quantitative methods, big data and gender

Special issue of Women, Gender & Research. 

The interest in quantitative methodologies is emerging in gender studies along with recent developments in policy making as well as in theoretical gender research. In general the hegemony of evidence-based policy making has turned statistics and quantitative methodologies into key data with wide ranging effects on political interventions and on growing inequalities in everyday life. The idea of this special issue is to challenge the equation of quantitative data and methodologies with existing power structures and to address both old and new ideas of gender. What are the potentials of handling diversity (gender, class, race, sexuality) and multiple categories in quantitative methodologies? And how do big data and the increasing possibility of large and open data-collections play into possible critiques of normativity and existing power configurations?

We welcome a broad range of articles, e.g.

  • Address theoretical discussions on current political implications of the collection, analysis and spread of (big) data.
  • Discuss the implications and potentials of analyzing gender and diversity through and in interplay with quantitative methodologies.
  • Offer an empirical analysis of current states of diversity (gender, class, race, sexuality, ableism), be it on division of parental leave or income, provision of health care, family formation, film roles or something completely different.
  • Apply new quantitative methodologies on “old” issues and discuss the potential of looking upon traditional themes of diversity and inequality through new lenses.

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Deadline for abstracts (max 200 words): November 1 2016
Deadline for articles: January 15 2017

All contributions must be in English and should be submitted to: 

Guidelines for submissions:  

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