29. maj 2024

Gamification of Green Transport and diversity

On May 22nd, the  game in the shape of a Ludo quiz board game was presented by UCPH partner,  Sebrina  Stensgaard and Hilda Rømer  for a class of game developers at  Danish Vallekilde, a famous Folk High School. 

“It was interesting to learn the connections of smart transport and gender, which I have never thought about”, said one of the test persons

The group showed  great interest and provided a range of user driven and  professional assessments. While locating various gaps and what could be improved – the game was tested in an atmosphere of  curiosity, excitement and laughter. Something  which  demonstrates  the game as a both learning, engaging and social  activity.

The Ludo Quiz was produced by the Coordination for Gender Research as a part of the GILL AOE 14 gamification project focused on green transport and diversity.