Photoshoot in ChinaThe China related activities of the Co-ordination for Gender Research at University of Copenhagen have since 2010 taken  place in  collaboration with a range of significant institutions and researchers at Sino Danish Center in Beijing, at Peking and Fudan  Universities, as well as with NIAS and the Asian Dynamics Initiative at the university of Copenhagen. 

The activities consists in a serious of  trans-disciplinary summer schools, master classes and PhD. courses as well as ongoing research projects and events with a focus on Gender and Body dynamics. The themes in focus  include  gender equality and modernization, family and welfare, as  well as mobility and sustainability in connecting comparative perspectives.

Among the activities are:


  • “Family Dynamics in Post-Industrial Societies. (Re)making Middle Class Families, China-Denmark”  headed by  Dr. Hilda Rømer Christensen
  • Ph.D project focus on motherhood  in post socialist China:  'Stories of Breasts and Bottles. Tensions between motherhood and career in Chinese and Danish Middle class families' by Ph.d. fellow Michala Hvidt Breengaard.

Gender and Body Dynamics: China/Denmark” Educational activities

  • 2012  summer school “Gender and Body Dynamics: China/Denmark”  which attracted students from Denmark and China in a co-organized BA/MA class with one week at Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen and one week in Beijing and closing with a conference at Peking University, Beijing. 
  • 2013-2014-2015: Annual summer-schools  in Gender and Body Dynamics: China/Denmark”   offered by Department of Sociology and linked to the Gender Certificate at University of Copenhagen, conducted by Danish and Chinese teachers.
  • 2016:  Gender and Body Dynamics: China/Denmark,  international  summer school in co-operation with Fudan University. ( in process,  tbc) 


  • Hilda Rømer Christensen, Bettina  Hauge, Cancan Wang (eds):  Gender Dynamics. Chinese – Nordic Perspectives. Women, Gender and Research (Vol. 1. 2015),
  • Chinese edition: Gender Dynamics. Chinese – Nordic Perspectives. Women, Gender and Research (Vol. 1. 2015), to be published in 2015.

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