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Digitalization of Women, Gender & Research

The board of Women, Gender & Research is currently working on a digitalization of the journal. The journal will continue to be published in a printed copy, although articles, essays and reviews from the journal will also be made available for reading, printing or downloading online for free. The journal can be accessed via the website, hosted by The Royal Library of Denmark (

Women, Gender & Research has a high academic standard, making use of expert peer review and the involvement of specialized guest editors. The editorial board of the journal is composed of leading and up-coming scholars within different fields related to gender studies and feminist research. The journal also has an advisory board composed of experienced scholars and distinguished members of the research community, and by 2019, we plan to establish an international advisory board as well. 

Questions and answers

By answering yes, do I give exclusive rights for internet publication to Women, Gender & Research?
No. We want to publish your work online without any exclusive rights for internet publication. This means you can publish your work other places, for example on a home page, although with a reference to where the text was originally published.

How do you get access to Women, Gender & Research online?
Women, Gender & Research is cooperating with The Royal Library of Denmark, who hosts the website where you will find us. All editions of the journal are accessible through this website.

What does it cost to get access?
It is free for all to download, print or read Women, Gender & Research online.

Is there a fee for publishing an article in Women, Gender & Research?
No, Women, Gender & Research does not charge a publication fee.

Will my work be accessible other places than Women, Gender & Research's page on
No, Women, Gender & Research only publish your work on Links and references to your work will, however, be found in various online journal indexes, such as Studies on Women & Gender Abstracts.

How long will the permission I am giving last?
The permission will last until you, or other contributors to the work, withdraws the permission.

We are several authors to the work - shall I ask them of their opinion?
When work that you and your co-authors have made is accepted for publication in Women, Gender & Research, you and your co-authors' final approval of the manuscript is also an agreement to the online publication of this work. The work will not be published if one of the contributors does not give their permission.

I do not wish to publish my work online - what do I do?
Write to the editorial secretary ( to say that you do not wish to have your work published online. This should be done before the final approval of the manuscript for publication.

When did Women, Gender & Research begin publishing its issues online?
From the middle of 2012 all contributers to Women, Gender & Research was asked for permission to publish their work online - going back to the first edition from 1992. Since then, we  have published all text contributions in both the printed edition and online. From 2012 to 2018 the online publication was made with a one year delay, and since August 2018 we changed this to full open acces, meaning that we publish both the printed edition and the online edition at the same time.