Application for Gender Certificate

To apply for a Gender Certificate please fill out the form.

Until december 2020 it has been possible to merely register for a Gender Certificate and apply later on with documentation. This option is no longer possible. 

You can apply when you obtained a minimum 30 ETCS within the topics of gender - BA or MA.


There two annual deadlines for applying for a Gender Certificate: May 15th and December 15th. It is not possible to apply after deadline, then you'll apply for the next coming deadline.

Expect 8 weeks processing time.

Certified Courses

Before applying you should inform yourself on already certfied courses. You can find the list here.


In order to accept your application you must:

  • write the correct course titel
  • upload course documentation from

The transscripts can be downloaded at

If you wish to apply with assignements, BA-project or MA-project as part of your Gender Certificate, you have to upload abstract an descriptions too.

Fields marked with * are required.

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