Gender and Religion in Global Perspectives 

October 26-28, 2006, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

I forbindelse med konferencen Gender and Religion in Global Perspectives er der skrevet tre artikler i forskellige aviser samt en kronik i Universitetsavisen.

Artiklerne er følgende

  • "Gensidig anerkendelse er vejen frem" Af Helle Tougaard, i Jyllands-Posten (side 6), den 28. oktober 2006.
  • "Kvinder klemt mellem teologi og rettigheder" Af Bente Clausen, Kristeligt Dagblad, den 31. oktober 2006.
  • "Not that innocent" Af Jane Benarroche, i Weekendavisen den 3. november 2006, (4. sektion, side 5)
  • Kronikken af Hilda Rømer Christensen kan ses her: "Køn og religion som globale pejlemærker" Af Hilda Rømer Christensen i Universitetsavisen nr. 16, 09.11.06, side 10-11.

Gender and religion are burning issues and have been continually exposed in the media, in politics and in culture over the last decades. Gender issues are often exposed in relation to religion in complicated ways that are both local and universal. How have gender and ideas about gender roles been used and misused in religious revivals? How do ideas about religion, gender and equality influence power relations locally and around the globe? What are the implications of understanding gender and religion as constructed and as sites for both conceptual and practical conflicts about meaning? How and where have gender and sexuality acted as central sites of negotiations, debates and conflicts, both within and between religious communities and commitments?

The conference aims at bridging gender and religious studies and at transforming scholar ship and reflection in both current and historical perspectives. The goal is to enhance the exchange between scholars of different disciplines and to create a space for exchange across research specialisations.

More than 50 research papers and a distinguished group of keynote speakers and commentators will contribute to make this conference a milestone in the timely research field of gender and religion in global perspectives.

Main themes

1. Gender and religion. Troubling agendas, approaches and practices in the 21st. century

2. Gender and the power and complexity of symbols

3. Masculinities and religious mobilisations around the globe

4. Construtcion and deconstruction of gender.Global value surveys and beyond.

Speakers include

  • Prof, Dr. Saba Mahmood, UC Berkeley, USA
  • Dr. Nacira Guenif-Souilamas, Paris
  • Prof. Dr. Jone Salomonsen, University of Oslo
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Blom Hansen, Yale/Amsterdam University
  • Prof. Dr. Clyde Wilcox, Georgetown University, Washington DC
  • Prof. Dr. Kari Børresen, University of Oslo
  • Dr. Nira Yuval-Davis, University of East London

Workshop themes

1. Religion, mobilisations, missions

2. Religion, migration, identities

3. Masculinities

4. Spirituality, Sexuality

5. Bodies and Symbols

6. Democracy, human Rights, fundamentalism

Conference Fee

Employed: 500 Danish Crowns/80 Euro
Fee for Students and Unemployed: 200 Danish Crowns/40 Euro


The Research Priority Area: Religion in the 21st Century and the Co-ordination for Gender Studies in Denmark.

The conference has been financial supported by University of Copenhagen: Research Priority Area:Religion in the 21st century and the Danish Social Science Research Council.

Information and contact

Coordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen, O. Farimagsgade 5 A, Postbox 2099, 1014 Copenhagen K, Denmark