KVINFO inviterer til konference: Gender, Law and Religion in Denmark and Morocco – Københavns Universitet

KVINFO inviterer til konference: Gender, Law and Religion in Denmark and Morocco

The conference takes its point of departure in KVINFO’s extensive experiences in Morocco with projects addressing women’s access to justice since 2006. The two-day conference will disseminate experiences from KVINFO’s Danish-Moroccan cooperation and relate them to current issues in Denmark and Morocco regarding gender, family laws and religion. The conference will focus on minority groups who are "caught" between traditional, national and transnational laws and practices, and how Denmark and other European countries are handling this issue.



  • Day 1 “Navigating between family laws across borders” will explore the path of possibilities for Moroccan women residing outside of Morocco to determine, up to a point, the legal practices that will apply to their family life. An important point of discussion in the keynote speeches and panel debates will be how Moroccan women’s rights can be handled in the future when navigating between national and transnational family laws.


  • Day 2 “Balancing between family laws and religious practices” will focus on the issue of family laws in various legal traditions and cultural practices - whether secular or religious, national or transnational, formal or informal. Public lectures and round table discussions will present and address some of the pertinent issues – e.g. marriage, divorce and child custody - within and between Islamic and Jewish family laws and practices.

The conference is organized by KVINFO, the Danish Centre for Research and Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity, in cooperation with ARPA International and the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at Copenhagen University.


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