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Women, Gender & Research



The special issue of Women, Gender & Research on Gendering Climate Change focuses on cutting edge questions of climate and sustainability from a gender perspective.
Women, Gender & Research nr. 3-4, 2009: Gendering Climate Change



Conference proceedings

On March 13 – 14, 2009 the Coordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen, organised an international conference on gender and climate: “Gender, Climate and Sustainability”. The conference gathered more than 150 people from many different countries and was a success.

The aim of the conference was to be at the forefront of issues of environment and sustainability from a gender perspective. Additional the conference helped in designing new and more inclusive visions of sustainability in accordance with the definitions and strategies laid down by the EU and other international fora, aimed at providing better quality of life for all. Read about the conference proceedings here


Confirmed speakers

Dr. Joni Seager, Hunter College/ York University
Dr. Stacy Alaimo, University of Texas
Dr. Kate Soper, London Metropolitan University
Dr. Merritt Polk, University of Gothenburg
Dr. Hanne Petersen, University of Copenhagen
Dr. Nina Lykke, Linköping University
Dr. Pun Ngai, Hong Kong University of Technology and Science / Peking University


Mainstreaming Gender, Climate and Sustainability
Gendering and Queering Ecotopia
Sustainable Masculinities
Counter Consumerism and its Pleasures
Sustainable Work 
Transport and Mobility
Good Practices
Health and Nutrition