Book Talk: Reproduction, Kin and Climate Crisis

Book talk with prof. Mary Lou Rasmussen

The book Reproduction, Kin and Climate Crisis Making Bushfire Babies is based on interviews with people in the Australia Capital Area and New South Wales who had babies/were pregnant during the bushfires in the summer of 2019/20. To understand connections between climate and reproduction, we asked them

How do you feel about the idea of people having children in general, in the
context of climate change?”

In the book, we explore the threads participants drew on perhaps consciously, perhaps not to formulate their answers and to explain to us what they felt the connections between having a child and climate change might be.

The book is co authored by Mary Lou Rasmussen, Celia Roberts, Louisa Allen Rebecca Williamson and is coming in September 2023 (Bristol University Press)

Mary Lou Rasmussen is a professor at the Research School for Social Sciences at Australian National University.
The talk is open to everyone interested.

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