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TRANSGEN - Gender Mainstreaming European Transport Research and Policy. Building the Knowledge Base and Mapping Good Practices

 If you consider carrying out gender mainstreaming this section gives you some resources to begin this proces. The bibliography provides you with an up to date list of publications in a wide range of topics relating to the area. The list of experts suggests some of the european researchers who have worked in this area. The gender screening section is the gender screening that the Transgen project carried out, covering sections of the european transport sector.

Publications about the report: (in danish)

Anette Dina Sørensen: "Køn i Trafikken" in Nikk's Nyhedsside, d. 18.1. 2008. See more here

Anette Dina Sørensen: "Fars bil og mors metro", in Webmagasinet forum for køn og kultur, Kvinfo, d. 18.1. 2008. See more here