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Gender mainstreaming projects within the transport sector and industry

The Transgen project has compiled a list of European projects in the transport sector that include a gender perspective. A list of programmes is here available. For further descriptions of the different programmes, see chapter 5 in the Transgen report.

Gender aware policy and planning

Transport for London:
The Irish Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform: The Irish National Development Plan – The Gender Equality Unit

For further information see: Gender Equality and Transport. Fact sheet for the Economic and Social Infrastructure Operational Programme of the National Development Plan, 2000-2006. The University of Strathclyde, August 2001.

The Swedish Road Administration: An Equal Transport system.
More specific about Sweden’s programmes on gender equality and the transport system see:
- Jämställdhet i vägtransportsystemet - Jämställd vägplanering. Publikations nr.: 2003:51. Vägverket, Borlänge.
- Res Jämt - Tankar kring ett jämställt transportsystem. Publikations nr.: 2005:110. Vägverket, Borlänge.
The Muncipality of Freiburg: Light-rail extension Zähringen.
The Municipality of Munich: The Transport Development Plan.
The above projects about policy and planning are described in the Transgen report. A few more projects which have a minor part concerning gender mainstreaming of transport are briefly described below.
The University of Modena: Initiatives on gender budgeting and transport. For information contact: Universitá degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Dipartimento di Economia Politica, 51 Viale Berengario, 4110 Modena.
The Muncipality of Venice: Child- and women-friendly policies for public spaces. See more here

The Muncipality of Vienna: The Transport Master Plan 2003 on gendered travel patterns and environment friendly forms of transport.
See report: Transport Master Plan Vienna 2003. Produced by the staff of the Vienna City Administration, Muncipal Department 18, 2003. or contact: 

Gender aware employment policies

The Fuirich Transport Development Partnership: Women into Transport.
Volvo – The SNS project.
The above projects about employment policies are described in the Transgen report. Another project which have a minor part concerning gender mainstreaming of transport are briefly described below.
The Muncipality of Reggio di Calabria: Training programmes for women with an aim to ensure them a job in the city’s transport system.

See more here

Gender aware technology innovation

Volvo – Your Concept Car.