Workshop 3: Planning and policy processes – Københavns Universitet

Workshop 3: Planning and policy processes

Malmo/ Lund, August 2018

The workshop will be organized around a number of cases that will be defined before hand by the participants i.e. researchers, policymakers and stakeholders that will be told to prepare the workshop with examples from their practices.

The cases will be presented with a few pages distributed to all participants before the workshop. All cases should touch upon issues that addresses how gender and gender equality has been taken into account in policy, practice and research.

Expertise to be covered: gender and intersectionality; modelling and activity based methods to map and analyze mobility trajectories. Researchers will contribute with research papers which will be commented by all participants. Local experts will present relevant practices and advise. In other words, this last workshop will be focusing on policy implementation in relation to gender and diversity mainstreaming.