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01. maj 2013

CfP: Feminist resistance - Resistance to Feminism

Feminism has been contested in different ways in the Nordic countries during recent years; one opinion that is loudly broadcast is that feminism has won the struggle, and is now either outdated or “hysterical”. In addition, the equality agendas of feminisms are projected onto the Nordic nation states as if these are inherently gender equal in their character. Feminists are hence faced with a complicated situation of both cooption and resistance, which raises questions about what we resist as well as whom and in what ways.

Feminist resistance can take many shapes and forms: from art and literature to demonstrations and speeches in parliament. It can be targeted at actors and structures within everything from the military to care and it can be based on different feminist ideas. It can concern activism by individuals, by feminist and other social movements and by politicians at all political levels.

In this special anniversary issue of NORA, we invite articles that discuss what a feminist agenda might look like in 2013 and how we might diagnose and analyze the resistance to feminism. In addition, we welcome contributions that explore the relation between feminism and gender research; what determines whether the content of research is feminist? And what are the possibilities for doing feminist research within the neo-liberal performance culture of academia today?

Suggested areas for submissions to the anniversary issue include:
• Feminist movements yesterday, today and tomorrow
• Feminist dealings with gender and race in the Nordic countries
• Feminist law and politics (including reformulations of equality policies and counter strategies against neo-nationalist, populist and radical right-wing parties)
• Feminism in academia (including the relation between gender research and feminism)
• Feminism, men and masculinity studies
• Queer struggles
• Art and feminist resistance
• Challenges in feminist theory
• Gender and military conflict
• Resistance against equality policies in organizations

Editors: Pauline Stoltz & Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen

Please submit your article for this special issue online via the NORA ScholarOne™ Manuscripts site.

See also author instructions on the NORA journal website.