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03. februar 2014

CfP: Gendering Global Assemblages. Chinese - Nordic Perspectives

Call for Papers
Women, Gender & Research (4/14)

Gendering Global Assemblages. Chinese - Nordic Perspectives

Departing from the idea of gendering global assemblages the focus of this Women, Gender and Research (Kvinder, Køn & Forskning) volume is on connecting comparisons between China and the Nordic countries.  The volume will pay attention to new and old forms of  social and gender inequalities, identities and structures as well as emerging forms of  gendered subjectivities in the context of globalization, neoliberal reforms and new ways of life and desires in East and West. Special concern will be on “globalization” from below and how global and local forces are effecting new forms of collective cultures, ideas and categories and forming multiple ideas of masculinity and femininity.

The idea of global assemblage is helpful for the analysis of how gendered meaning making takes place at many levels in todays modern and globalizing societies, where  streams of information from multiple sources becomes entangled with everyday practices and cultural  and material representations and practices. Global assemblages are, according to the Asian-American Anthropologist Aiwa Ong, marked by a particular “global” quality and refers to phenomena, that are attractable, mobile, and dynamic, cross cutting and reconstituting “society”, “culture” and “economy” in their known or imagined forms.  This interplay crystallizes conditions of possibility and outcomes that do not follow a given formula or script drawn from a master model.

Articles may include connecting comparative perspectives or focus on either the Nordic/ or Chinese contexts. Women, gender & Research welcomes articles related to timely issues of  e.g. health, welfare, sustainability consumerism and culture.  And articles that focus on the  knowledge and politics of everyday life in home and family, labor and in new public and media spaces.

Deadline for abstracts: March 1st  2014
Deadline for articles : May 15th  2014.

Abstracts and articles to be send to

Further information can be obtained from:

Camilla Bruun Eriksen, Sub –editor, University of Copenhagen
Hilda Rømer Christensen, University of Copenhagen, editor in Chief of Women, Gender & Research
Visit the website of the Co-ordination for Gender Research in Denmark.