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Kalender Call for papers 
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Dato Sted Titel og beskrivelse Type Link
25.02.2014 - 25.02.2016

Budapest, Hungary Call for Teaching Portfolios for Visiting Lecturer Positions in the Near Future
The Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary invites teaching portfolios from gender studies scholars in any area of social science and humanities who wish to be considered for several teaching openings we anticipate in the coming years in our MA and PhD programs. These positions are likely to be on a one-course basis but might also cover multiple courses if portfolios and teaching needs coincide well. Courses in Gender Studies at CEU cover a broad array of topics from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.
08.06.2015 - 11.06.2015

Masuria , Poland Queer Kinship and Relationships International Conference
During the conference we want to concentrate on different understandings of queer kinships/relationships, and present more insights into the dynamics of non-normative kinship configurations in various geo-temporal contexts. Consequently, we seek to address such questions as the following:
1.How do non-heterosexual people define their relationships? What concepts are used to think through, understand, and describe non-normative kinship practices?
2.How are “queer families” socially framed and understood in various localities with different political significance of ”traditional family” ?
3.Does ”queer kinship/family” have the potential to become a (new) reference point for the LGBTQ activism, in the place or in conjunction with ”marriage equality” or ”rights politics”?
4.How do specific local contexts influence the debates on sexual politics in diverse locations?
11.06.2015 - 13.06.2015

Uppsala, Sverige The 4th European Conference on Politics and Gender
The ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics is pleased to announce the 4th European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG) to be held at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, June 11-13, 2015.

Santa Cruz, United States of America Assistant professor position in feminist science studies
We welcome applicants from all fields and disciplines (including the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering). The appointee must have a rich knowledge of science/technology/medicine studies with a dynamic research program.
09.09.2015 - 11.09.2015

Leeds, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Feminist and Women's Studies Association (FWSA) Conference. Everyday Encounters with Violence: Critical Feminist Perspectives
This three-day conference aims to create an inclusive and supportive
space for scholars at all career levels to come together in a supportive
environment to engage in critical feminist perspectives on violence.